刑務所のリタ・ヘイワース スティーヴン・キング その2

 Rita Heyworth and Shawshank Redemption / Stephen King

"They could have started out with Isn't it possible that he purchased four or five dishtowels?' and worked their way up from there. If enough people want you to remember something, that can be a pretty powerful persuader.
I'm not saying that he deliberately falsified his story, or perjured himself. I think it's possible that lie could have passed a lie detector test with flying colours, or sworn on his mother's sacred
name that I bought those dishtowels. But still ... memory is such a goddam subjective thing."
 大手を振って=with flying colorsか、うまいなぁ。

「あなたはそのとき思いつけるいちばんてっとりばやい方法で彼女との結婚を解消した、そうでしょう? あなたはふきんにくるんだ三八口径の拳銃で彼女との縁を切った、そうでしょう?」
"At that time, as I drove home, I was beginning to think that the wisest course would be to simply let her go to Reno and get her divorce."
"Thank you, Mr Dufresne."
The DA popped up.
"You divorced her in the quickest way you could think of, didn't you? You divorced her with a .38 revolver wrapped in dishtowels, didn't you?"

They found him guilty, and brother, if Maine had the death-penalty, he would have done the dance before that spring's crocuses poked thier heads out of the snow.

You can't buy those guys, you can't sweet-talk them, you can't cry for them, As far as the board in here is concerned, money don't talk, and nobody walks.

"For something like the gadget you're talking about, it takes a little more goose-grease to get the wheel turning."
 goose-grease ガチョウ脂のグリス

They'll put you in solitary for three or four weeks...

If you planed that pickaxe end in a man's head, he would surely never listen to Fibber McGee and Molly on the radio again.

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